“Crazy Idea” turned to $$$$!

Angelo iennaco

Now I promised you something wild last time…

If you take 10 minutes of you time to read this blog I think you might enjoy this. I know we did! ;)

Today’s Topic:
I wanted to try and show you the power of marketing in a FUN and FREE way,
with very cool results!

It started as an experiment on how far you could take your “crazy ideas” regardless of who was laughing when you said “I´m gonna create my own perfume label!”


Let´s face it everything is in our heads at first.

Sadly for most of us it stays that way for anyone to enjoy. You might tell a friend or two about your  “crazy idea” and they will kind of laugh at you as always, maybe even be negative (fear of you making it  big? Jealousy?) or hopefully they be supportive and yell “Go for it!”

So to test this out I took a crazy idea of mine and actually DID something with it? With no money, no  help, nothing and see what that could lead to!? That could be fun, right!?

Okay, so what did I do to try it out? I will not only tell you, I will show you!

I wanted to attract a completely new area I knew nothing about that generates a lot of money already.  Were style and marketing would be key to create an illusion of something being exclusive and expensive  that was NOT existing yet. I just knew that marketing could do this IF presented right. I had three days.
I was going to Spain and I wanted something with me to try it out on some of my close friends business contacts at a planned party, whom I never met before.

For something like this to work I needed to use my own strengths, combine them and create an illusion that I was already much further in my “product” than I was. (Note, this was a experiment not a hoax in any way!)

I decided to launch and sell in a perfume label! That was crazy enough, and impossible by everyone I spoke with! ;) “Now who the hell get away with an imaginary perfume?” Well, let´s find out?!

So how would I start? I needed a Theme! A good name, actually TWO good selling names. One for the bottle and one for the imaginary company!

It took a couple of hours to come up with a combination of my own middle name Angelo and my Italian father´s surname (never met the bastard) iennaco.
Angelo iennaco … hmm damn I though, that sounded as good as Giorgio Armani! And the weird spelling “iennaco” also, I loved it!

I thought this could be what only the “cool fashion people” knew how to spell, no matter how difficult the spelling was and that ALONE would make it kind of exclusive, maybe you understand how I mean?

Normal guy : -”Jimmy SHOE!?”
Trendy guy : -”No it´s spelled Jimmy CHOO, dumb ass!” :)

So I had a cool name that was related to myself. Now what!?
I needed a bottle and a perfume name as well!
I needed a theme!
I needed a promotion video.

Aha! I was on to something crazy and now the fun started…

So I had NO time filming in three days, heck I didn´t even own a camcorder! But we all have internet, right!? Let´s borrow small cuts and pieces from a lot of Youtube videos and re-edit it!? So I acted like rappers do, I simply borrowed samples for this experiment!

The Video Edit:
As I said I had to bring in my own knowledge to get it to work (as you would too!), I am a composer and producer so I knew my way around DAW´s (digital audio workstation).

I used a simple Movie editor from Adobe I never tried before and learned it while actually editing! I took my understanding from music editing into movie editing. Layers, tempo, color corrections, it was was kind of the same really. Some beginner Photoshop editing was used for creating stills, like the wolf picture above!

I used a free movie Screen Capture and literally recorded my own screen while playing hundreds of short clips on Youtube of cars, cool places, dancers, flowers, water and anything that could relate to some kind of PASSION! I now made Passion the theme for the perfume promo!

Link to video here!

The clips where in different color´s so I quickly decided to make most of them into Black and White and for some scenes add the color for a dramatic layered effect. In that way a lot more clips felt like they belong together! I slowed the speed for many clips, played them backwards and inverted them to not make them to obvious for this experiment! I found a glass bottle with no label coming from a Lamborghini commercial I used and now I had “my perfume bottle”.



In a scene I added my made up brand “Angelo iennaco” (0.40sek) as a text flashing as I remembered Coca Cola used to do this in the cinema and after the movie´s over you suddenly could kill for a Coke! If you see the name BEFORE the end of the video the brain fool you into thinking you SEEN it before, and therefore also more likely TRUST it! I used all the tricks, marketing baby, MARKETING!

I decided to name the bottle Estasi. That´s Italian for ecstasy. You can imagine why I didn´t go for the English spelling, right? hehe

I recorded a standard voice over for the end and pitch it down and also whispered “Estasi” and added delay to it. I kind of wanted it to sound like two different “actors”.

I actually have a second of JESUS on the cross in the film, cause religion is a lot of passion (risky stuff!).  Any scene with passion really. Dancers, cute animals, sports, SEX! (of course) expensive cars ect. The sexy girl closeups (0.27min) is actually Swedish Izabella Scorupco when she was 17 from a lousy music video with a vampire theme! (I bet they force me to take down the video soon guys, hehe)

I needed to build up a tension for it to bring all these clips together as one, starting of slow to a climax extremely intense and then the classic “Brand in your face in the end” when audience are out of breath.

And for that we needed MUSIC! Click here to listened!

As a musician I had the knowledge to actually compose a original track for this purpose. I write jingles and commercial music so I used my fast pace to my advantage and the music did fit like a glove very quickly. I started to cut to the beat of the music. For you music nerds out there I love to blogg about the tracks I make, but that would be off topic today. An alternative would have been to find a licence free track online and probably get close to the tension I was seeking. I choose to compose this time and I´m very, very glad I did! I tell you why below!

The Angelo iennaco (A-i) promotional video was created:

At this stage I realized that if I could fool professionals with nothing, I had already sold in the IDEA of making something original and REAL! If they would want to get hold of a perfume that didn´t exist yet the experiment would be a success!

The result:

Four days later I was in Spain visiting my friend and his family. I had the promo video on my iPhone. The lower quality wouln´t matter on that small screen! I showed him the video and he could´t believe it. He just could´t believe it was done so quickly and the craziest, it didn´t exist! He could´t wait to show it to his connections!

We had champagne at this fantastic house and was dressed up really nice and mingled around rich people, (it wasn´t that hard!) ;)
One of his friends in Spain was married to this woman we found out, a proud owner of TWO HUNDRED beauty saloons in Spain! It was the PERFECT subject for the experiment.

My friend is a genius, fun, charming networking guy always around interesting people. So it was time to show off the promo of what was now “my business proposal”After the video was showed it was completely quiet. The target “client” looked at me and my friend and she said: Why the hell havn´t I heard about this before!? -”When can I SMELL it”!? YES!

His beauty saloon wife loved my brand´s “cool image“! She started to ask about having 100-150 mini-sample bottles in the shops for customer “giveaways” and questions about what our retail price was, if it came for women as well, if it was unisex, what fragrances we used, possible allergy, about pictures in the shops, if there was a complete line with deodorants and skin products, ect. Awesome!

Link to video here!

It was a complete success! People started to ask for business cards, links to website and asked about the music (that part was awesome!). About ten business men were interesting in some kind of co-operation with Angelo iennaco in the end of the day.

We just could´t stop laughing, it worked!

Fact, if I DID have the perfume done NOTHING would have gone any different, now that´s interesting! This is true power of marketing! We could perhaps pushed it further, taking orders and proceed, but that wasn´t the main intension and goal for this experiment!

Suprising Results turning to $$$:
I´m a composer/producer at first, the best thing was that a commercial video creator gave me her card after seeing the video back in Sweden and I started to write music for her customers, with very nice profits! She actually used the music from the video in a special film later on. (Check my new music production here! www.chris-angelo.com)

Some people still ask me why I didn´t create the Angelo iennaco label, and maybe I will some day!? Would´t it be cool to have my own expensive Angelo iennaco watch and a pair of A-i shades, smelling like a king? Hell yeah! I could use a team though…  *hint hint* ;)

You see people, marketing your idea can be done without lot of money investments!
There is no Crazy Ideas not worth testing out, and what others say is not very important. Ask yourself, did they ever create something from nothing? That was the whole point, and once you are ready to set sail you ACT no matter what your budget is, don´t wait around! Just Create!

If you have crazy ideas like mine, I LOVE to hear about them!

I will post the track soon also if you liked it.

I hope you enjoyed this one, see you soon!

Chris Angelo
“Angelo iennaco” ;-)

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